Monday, August 29, 2011

Jill & Alan at Katie’s Garden

This early evening ceremony took place on Saturday, August 27 at the lovely “Katie’s Garden” in McKinney. Announced as one of the hottest weekends this year, temperatures reached a furnace-like 109°. Fortunately we were set up in full shade, but not having to wear a tuxedo was also very helpful.

More information about Katie’s Garden here.

The Cranberries – “Dreams”
Hardy – Theme from “Anne of Green Gables”
Morricone – “Gabriel’s Oboe”
Purcell –  Rondeau from Abdelazar  (from “Pride and Prejudice”)
Legrand – “Windmills of Your Mind”
Goodall – “The Lord is my Shepherd” from “The Vicar of Dibley”
Aphex Twin – “Jynweythek Ylow”
Aphex Twin – “Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow”

Armstrong – “Portuguese Love Theme” from “Love Actually”

MacMaster – “Mother Nature”

Handel – “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”

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